Sudden Adult Death Syndrome

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  1. A rule or code that prohibits speaking or divulging information about certain activities, especially the activities of a criminal organization.”
I don't know what her vaccine status was so posting it here instead of Children effected by the Jab. So very sad. . . So many lives have been lost recently. I am just hoping that peoples eyes are being woken up and getting red pilled. As in true Patriots who are actually wanting to fight for the American People and not cave. We have very few in Congress that are holding out for us, but Thank the Lord they are.
Not to insult the real deaths from the clot shot...but here is the last case of SUDDEN ADULT DEATH...
The shooter was okay until his last shot into the robber. Hopefully the shooters previous shots had already killed the robber and all they can prove is desecrating a corpse. I watched the video several times and the shooter took the last shot while standing over the body, after he had already moved the robbers firearm away from the body. The last shot was an execution type head shot. I certainly do not feel bad for the robber but the shooter may end up with some jail time.
I was actually looking at another story they ran when this one caught my eye. She is not an adult, but I do not know what her jab statues was, so didn't want to put it under the Children Affected by the Jab. Every time I see one of these kinds of stories, I will always question though. With such a young life who had a full life before her. . . Just heartbreaking all around.

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