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stay in the military?

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New Member
Jan 4, 2022
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Hello everyone.

Before I get to my question, a little bit about me for context.

I'm currently serving in the military, stationed in colorado, and will seperate from the Army pretty soon. I am a single soldier with no dependents living on base in the barracks.

I'm also a new prepper. I've been purchasing survival gear, 6 month supply of food, and a few tools for self defense. I've also been investing in gold, silver and bitcoin. What I'm prepping for is an economic collapse. I'm not very knowledgeable in the area of economics but for the past year I have been doing some research and consuming content of a few economic experts who have been watching the US economy's path. Digesting all this information I've come to believe this crisis will happen some time this year or next year at the latest.

Which brings me to my question. Should I reenlist in the Army? I do want to go back to civilian life but I wonder if now would be a bad time to do so. Would it be easier to endure a crisis like this as a servicemember rather than a civilian? There are supposed to be systems in place for this kind of event and its seems there is a widespread belief is that things would start to get back to normal after 6 months of hardship. I have my doubts about it being so short and obviously "normal" is relative. Things wouldn't be exactly as they were before. The Army always says it takes care of its soldiers and their families. I believe it, along with the government, would try but I have my doubts about that too. The coming crash is supposed to be REALLY bad. Will the government/military actually be able to pay/care for its servicemembers during this time? I think back to what I know about the great depression. Before WW2 it had been going on for 10 years and had no end in sight due in large part the government trying to manage it but doing so poorly. I understand this isn't the same country it was back them but it reminds of the saying "never underestimate how badly politicians can screw things up".

So which would be better? Reenlist in the Army and rely on it to help me through or should I become a civilian and link up with the local prepper community for assistance? Thoughts?