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I touched on this in chat messages.

Came across this video today from lawyers, Who has the right of Castle Doctrine, squatter or owner? As lawyers, they go both ways. Surprisingly the Kommunist Republik follows Castle Doctrine with No Duty to Retreat. But as the lawyers said in the video, the jury is the wildcard. I think the judge will be the wildcard here.

Already have a copy of the deed and tax bill in my truck, DL will be changed to that address soon. It’s where I am going to lay my head that particular night.

I know it is a house 400 miles away, but the same goes for people with BOL. What would you do? In SHTF, we would all do the same thing. But what do you do with the corruption is still in power?
the distance is not the question, it is a case of principle. It belongs to you, just like money, a car or a boat. It is your personal property and you have the rights to it and no-one else. Just a shame that the libtards see that another way. Maybe if someone started moving into one of the EMPTY seven mansions belonging to the OBAMAS?????
The Forest Service has a 14 day camping limit throughout the National Forest. Any longer that that and they will run them off. Every hunting season someone always camps down by our lower gate. I keep track of when they started camping, and make sure they don't cross over in to our property. One time this idiot parked in front of my gate. I told him that if he didn't move his truck that I'd move it for him with my tractor. I had to move a car one time when someone parked in front of my mailbox.

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