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Shannon Galpin at Mountain2Mountain is part of our amazing extreme team that tests and pushes the limits of Goal Zero gear. Mountain2Mountain is a nonprofit that creates education and opportunity for women and girls in Afghanistan. Using Goal Zero solar power, Mountain2Mountain provides light to rural mid-wivery, running a school and supporting the Mountain2Mountain team while away. Efforts such as Mountain2Mountains were unimaginable ten years ago. Goal Zero = no borders.
Staring again this October, the Panjshir Tour rolls into several Afghanistan cities to raise support for social justice and change for women’s rights. A country in which women are no longer allowed to ride bikes. In conjunction, riders across the U.S. will use their bikes as vehicles for social change by participating in the Panjshir Tour on October 8, 2011, contributing sweat equity and raising funds to fuel M2M’s programs in Afghanistan. Ending with a celebration ride and party in Denver on October 15.
This will be the second ride by Shannon Galpin in the Panjshir Valley that tests the perception of women riding bikes. “It was my goal to challenge perceptions and invite conversation on both sides of the equation. Challenging the stereotypes of women and Americans in Afghanistan, while challenging parallel stereotypes of Afghans as a people and as a nation in the United States. Bridging cultures and communities on two wheels.” Galpin states. Read more in “Pedal Power Nation” by the Huffington Post.

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