Solar on a Budget... or am I chasing a unicorn?

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Jun 5, 2014
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I got the new inverter today. The first one is about 15/20lbs. This sucker is easily 70lbs. ...
I’m going to get this up and running soon but want to order another one to have as a backup...
I think my main inverter weighs over 100lbs, but it's 25 years old so old tech and a lot of iron I suspect :)

A few months ago I was smugly thinking that we were doing great being off grid but then I did a risk analysis. Yes we have 3 freezers, 4 fridges, multiple ways to cook, hand tools, 3 banks of solar panels, 4 banks of batteries etc etc. But only one generator and only one inverter/charger. If the inverter (or the charger part of it) fails, we loose all the frozen food and are in a world of hurt in general.

So I bought 2 more chargers, another inverter, and two more generators. I feel a bit happier now.

BTW, I will never buy an inverter/charger again, two many eggs in one box.

And don't talk to me about those smart lithium systems, good luck fixing them if they fail, especially the ones that "talk" to your regulators and inverters (cough Victron/BYD/et al).

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