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Same friend, same problem. Solution? I own a new bayonett (for free).
It´s a spanish la coruna bayonett with sheath in good shape. Someone was not very kind to the blade with his grinder and one of the wooden handleparts (I don´t know the right word in english) is handcarved. But I like aged weapons with a unike style and additionally I own the thundering other half. ;-)


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The bayonet makes me think of my combat days when I slept with one under my head most nights between confrontations. . Actually used a knife one day when a woman , " copy cat " of a woman dubbed the " Apache " and her team tried to capture me . The Apache got the name by her habit of taking a captured GI and torturing them to death at night near a compound , so the soldiers could hear the screams .A few days later they succeeded capturing two guys . --- Such experiences is why my clan and I usually have a good time making jokes about the potential Nuclear War that may lay ahead . When you have already experienced horrors , facing diversity is just a another event .
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