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--- Today's war update - This link will be more appealing to the individual with a tactical military mind . -- Not on the video link but will add Puttin's dash to meet South Korea's leader to broker a deal for more weapons will not effect this fall's military operation . Puttin can not rush the desperately needed weaponry to the combat line in Ukraine before this years ground fighting season bogs down in the mud from the upcoming rainy season . -- In the meantime it appears the Russians trying to slow Ukraine's advancements are on the verge of a full collapse allowing Ukraine forces to make a very large advancement overrunning Russian positions over the coming weeks . -- It is not unconceivable that Ukraine will be controlling a large swath of Crimea when it is time to halt advancements and dig in and fortify positions for the winter . -- At some point I expect the whole thing to go Nuclear .
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--- I had to back this one up and relisten to make sure I didn't misunderstand . Russian infantry turning and running to get away from the advancing Ukraine ground troops , were shelled by their own army killing many . Yes Russia shelled their own troops . --- Sadly many and likely most of Russians that have been placed on the front lines are there to replace Russian personnel already killed . They do not even want to fight Ukraine's army . They are scooped up civilians off the streets that are being forced to face Ukraine's wrath . --- Ukraine's advancements are speeding up .
I did not notice the link above revealing where the battle over the train took place . However it most likely took place inside of Russia . That is significant in itself that Ukraine could conduct such an operation inside Russia and then safely retreat back into Ukraine .
After pondering about that last link will throw out there a " question mark " as to whether that link is an outright lie or the truth , but we will likely know within a few days .
Russian troops shelled in 'disastrous' broad daylight retreat: video I take no joy in posting this video as I am not for neither Russia or Ukraine . However for those that care to view this sad spectacle , note how this is not an organized retreat by the Russians but a full riot . --- Such as this should make preppers aware the likely-hood of going full prepper mode for members may be near . Retreating Russians equal closer to going Nuclear .
Yes, Russia is not running smoothly, but you should be aware that Russia can still recruit a few hundred thousand people if necessary, Ukraine has no more men and is now recruiting women as cannon fodder.:mad:

Putin is so far only so "restrained" in terms of hard military strikes because he still hopes that he can win Europe through that again as a friend, but that will have limits.
If Putin sees that with the friendship so or so nothing more will strike the Russian army really mercilessly, if Putin is eliminated internally because his generals find he is too nice, another will come to power and Ukraine will be wiped out on the same day and World War 3 will also start on the same day if the West has a problem with that.

Even if I am not in everything friend of Putin, we can be somehow grateful that there is still the guy, with any other Russian president would have flown us long ago everything around the ears.

Enough for today, I'm still busy with many things, maybe I look in a few days again here.
--- I do not stand behind this information as to whether it is correct or another lie . This source is saying Puttin has had " a nervous breakdown " an ambulance came and took him to a hospital .
One of Hitler's blunders during WW2 was grossly under estimating Russia and there capabilities.
There is a difference in defending your own homeland vs. invading another person's homeland. Hitler did screw up underestimating Russia. They were defending their homes and families. The war in the Ukraine is a totally different story.
It is becoming more evident that many do not want to know what is actually going on with the war and the escalation of World War Three . Therefore I will stop posting . Good luck to you all .

Here is the thing...war is coming. I think we can feel it in our gut. The daily tit-for tat, the small picture, won't change what we must do to be ready. We can't do anything to stop it at this point, only to prepare for what we know is coming.
I have always liked the line in the Serenity prayer

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

Speaking for myself, it isn't that your efforts are not appreciated, only that at this point, I am more focused on the things I can control, the things I can change....things like getting more ready, for more people than just my own, for what is coming.

You are coming from a perspective where you are shored up. Mission accomplished.

I feel a little less secure in that. There is just so much more I wish I could afford to do in terms of time and money. In terms of a sinking ship, I have put on my own life vest, have a reserved seat on a lifeboat, now, how can I help others?

I think also, that is what you are trying to do by posting but, it is a little bit of preaching to the choir that already has the message. Perhaps it will help wake up some non members that stumble across the thread, who are not attune to what is coming though?

I ask each day for the wisdom to know what should be on that list and not to become distracted from my mission (I have raging ADHD and it is a constant battle).
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