Russia Versus The Ukraine

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And our politicians keep sending this evil POs money???
For all the deaths he has caused to the ENTIRE YOUNG UKRAINIAN MEN, he deserves much severe punishment than a simple bullet.
That's right, a bullet would be too bad for this scumbag. He's sacrificed half a million men on the front line or they've been crippled just because he won't negotiate.
Now the bastard is sacrificing young women who he throws into death zones at the front without any scruples and without proper military training. He sells his land to foreign investors and thus drives the rest of the Ukrainians completely into poverty and death, this land is already in the hands of speculators, which is very tragic.

Zelensky will get his punishment, not from Russia, but from his own people, I hope this fake guy will fall into the hands of his people and that he will have a long end ahead of him.
Zelensky can then wait in hell for his friend Joe, both are corrupt guys who do their countries harm and absolutely no good.



PHOENIX – Saying they’re “our” National Guard soldiers, Republican state lawmakers are picking a fight with Washington over who controls them, a fight that a general said would leave the Guard with no money and no equipment.

And yet it would still leave Arizona soldiers subject to being called up for overseas duty.

Legislation awaiting House action would forbid the deployment of state Guard members for active duty combat absent an actual declaration of war by Congress. SB 1121, approved earlier this week by the Senate on a 16-12 party-line vote, would also provide exceptions in cases of repelling an invasion or suppressing an insurrection.

Sen. Wendy Rogers, a retired Air Force pilot, said this is all about protecting Arizona soldiers from missions like the one in Jordan where three soldiers from other states were killed last month by an unmanned drone attack. Several Arizona Guard soldiers were wounded.

“It is high time we passed this and keep our Guard where it should be unless the United States Congress declares war,” said the Flagstaff Republican.”

ARIZONA is now fighting back against the biden Regime!!! 😍
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On the day Russia is attacked and bombed by Ukrainian F-16 planes itself, on that day Russia will hit back hard. Russia knows that the F-16 cannot take off and land on Ukrainian airfields because these airfields are too destroyed for the F-16 and the maintenance of these airplanes cannot be done there.
If these planes do show up, Russia knows that they have been launched from a NATO country and the pilots have been instructed by these NATO countries, which will lead to Russia considering this as NATO aggression against Russian territory.

This will automatically lead to the small war between Ukraine and Russia escalating directly into World War 3.
Putin could not change this, because Russia's defense doctrine provides for the appropriate response in the event of a direct NATO attack on Russia, and the response could then very quickly be nuclear in the worst case.
In the end, it doesn't matter whether Ukrainian pilots or NATO pilots fly the F-16s, if they take off from Poland or Romania, these countries will be regarded and treated by Russia as direct belligerents in this case.

Be prepared for a very rapid deterioration of the current situation, it could be a matter of hours if things really degenerate into a hot war.
As you sow, so shall you reap---can't remember where I read that tho.
Hitler, Mussolini, Ceaucsco...several have met their deaths the same way. At the hands of their victims.
Galatians 6:7
But it is probably repeating an ancient Middle Eastern proverb that would have been common knowledge then even as it is now.

Hosea 8:7 is an even stronger way of saying it and would actually be more appropriate in this context: Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.
These lunatics can and will actually do this.

I think we know what the outcome will be and what will happen.
The West is so dead set on this that it will go in there because people like Macron and Joe will be hanged if the billions they have invested are for the dog.
We will have a very big problem if NATO goes in there, good luck in World War 3 which will become a bloody fact.💀

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