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This thing here could be getting uncomfortable for Joe and the US, it looks like the Russian transport plane flying over Russian territory was shot down with a US Patriot missile.
Russia knows that the Ukrainians themselves are not capable of operating such a complex system and that it is likely that this system was operated by US soldiers.
Guess what happens if the Russians find out that a Russian airplane was shot down by a US unit over Russian territory...
This is what is called an official US entry into the war against Russia and I probably don't need to mention what that means.
Joe is really playing with fire and that could have very, very bad consequences.
I wonder what the idiot was thinking, if someone other than Putin was sitting in the chair in Moscow it would probably have started with an attack against NATO bases in Europe, there wouldn't have been much left of the Ukraine.

Nevertheless, the matter is not over for the Russians, he will stick to it and it could still have consequences.
The Russian people are already saying that this is an official (and above all obvious to all) entry into war by the USA, Putin will slowly come under pressure to speak plainly, if Putin gives a clear answer to this we will have a very big problem.

Bunker already dug???
World War Three escalation . I put it on this thread as some still can not bring themselves to mentally accept A very likely intercontinental Nuke exchange . Regardless as to whether someone prepped for something of this magnitude or not , it can not be made to go away by pretending it aint happening . This video happened just a short time ago . Puttin cancelled a scheduled trip when this thing blew up . --- A kind of important add on to this post , That roaring hell is what used to be a Nuclear delivery system plant .
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So for , I have found no mention of any Nuclear radiation threat from the incident , that I posted above . I figure there is most likely no nuclear devices actually on the site of the explosion but the Kremlin has gone silent . Puttin and friends pondering their next move I suppose . --- Stay close to your bunker
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Joe this unaccountable zero number puts more money into the 51 state of the USA (Ukraine) than into his own country, which is quite questionable. Even more questionable is the fact that some Republicans willingly nodded off the billion-dollar package for Ukraine even though it brings the USA nothing but trouble and the amount of money for border protection is ridiculous.
Joe will only use this money to increase the debt mountain of the USA even more and bring the USA even closer to the brink of insolvency, his corrupt little friend in the Ukraine won't care if the USA goes to rack and ruin while he sells your weapons all over the world.

Apparently the new Polish president has no respect for the USA either, you send Donald Duck thousands of soldiers to Poland to protect his hyena country and as a thank you he pisses at your feet.

Anyway, Joe is insane according to the court decision but he still thinks he is good enough to drive the country to the wall for another 4 years, literally. The whole world is laughing at Joe's stupidity, I think it is definitely time for the US citizens to send the buffoon and his followers to hell before your state collapses under him, and the USA and Europe will collapse faster than Russia, that is difficult or impossible to prevent.
So I don't think Joe decides anything himself anymore, Joe can't think that far ahead.
The question will be which circles are currently making decisions for the USA?

As far as Ukraine is concerned, only the financial elite is still interested in it, especially in farmland and that the current owners disappear from the world in the meat grinder against Russia.
Blackrock and other financial institutions are buying farmland there as a whole, probably to prevent grain cultivation and the like in the future or to replace it with genetic varieties and to control the food supply for a large part of the world.
Gates and Schwab also have their plans, the banks and the NWO don't care about the Ukrainians, the more Ukrainian men and women fall on the front line, the more the NWO gets its plans implemented.

Selensky is just a willing stooge of the Ukraine, he has nothing more to report himself and if he doesn't do what his financiers or the ASOW gang in the Ukraine want, he will be removed, the latter he will be in due course one way or another.

The USA should really watch out at the moment, Joe is probably in a dementia clinic while the Secretary of Defense is also in a clinic somewhere, the nation's military leadership is probably paralyzed by incompetence.
Furthermore, potential terrorists continue to enter the country unhindered from Mexico which the US leadership ignores and willingly wants to shovel billions more into a country that has nothing to offer except corruption and an anti-democratic leadership.
Like the EU, the USA will one day collapse due to domestic political problems because the leadership politicizes and acts completely apart from the people.

I think this is the big plan of the WEF to destroy Europe and the USA and then to introduce a new dictatorship, but I don't think the WEF will get that far. Either the whole world will be pulverized in a third world war, or those responsible for the WEF will be hanged.

Between you and me, I'm currently betting on the first scenario, and Joe won't understand a nuclear strike either.
--- Here is a video our pro- Russian members won't like . Actually my last report was about 1/3 of Russia's navy has been destroyed . It is amazing to me as to how many people think they can wish something into reality . I don't have a bone in the Ukraine / Russia / NATO war . Whomever is the victor will be the victor . My strategy is not to try to wish something into being reality , but to prepare for what is developing . I have already spent my time on the battle field . This escalating conflict will have to come to me this time , if I participate .
We have pro-Russian members? Really?

The angry Englishman most certainly meant me, he hates me because I called Boris Johnson a scumbag back then.

I stand by my statement that Johnson is a walking garbage bin.

I would like to give Boris Johnson a new hairstyle with my favorite knife, not that he will look any better, but my Knife has a kind of life of its own when I work with it.☠️
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The angry Englishman most certainly meant me, he hates me because I called Boris Johnson a scumbag back then.

I stand by my statement that Johnson is a walking garbage bin.

I would like to give Boris Johnson a new hairstyle with my favorite knife, not that he will look any better, but my Knife has a kind of life of its own when I work with it.☠️
I will suppose Ban 1982 didn't go back and actually read the post , but chose to simply attack . Big Paul did not place the post being questioned . Poltiregist placed the post , and no I don't live in Europe . Anyway the post that I placed was not meant as an attack on anyone . It matters little to me if someone supports Ukraine or supports Russia . I am not prejudice " I dislike both ". However I do like to see posts that present information that is fair to both sides in the conflict and presented from a rational view . --- My view I suppose is self centered . I am in full prepper / survival mode and simply prepare for me and my clan to survive ,. I have no elusions of grandeur of changing the world . The world has turned to cr-p and we are circling the wagons .
I saw NO post by ban that was an attack on BP! I have not seen ban attack anyone here and IMO he has always been very respectful of individual forum members, but yet speaks his mind on issues (truth). Sugar coating ones opinion is not warranted to pacify the sheeple like BP who is not only a Royal pain in the arse, but a Royal arse kisser! As a side note, not really following what you are talking about/referring to anyway.

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