Review BSA Meteor Mk7 Air Rifle

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Sep 25, 2013
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Review BSA Meteor Mk7 Air Rifle
in .22 / 5.56 mm. caliber
©NR 2013
The Mk seven is the latest incarnation of the long running BSA meteor line first launched in the 1950s, the latest version bring the model into the 21st century with various improvements in its construction.
Today’s Meteor for example comes with high visibility red and green fiber optic type open sights and a full length machined scope rail for dovetail scope mounts. I will be modifying mine by fitting a dovetail to Picatinny rail adaptor to it as soon as funds allow. The stock is still the usual ubiquitous beech type but it now has chequering on both the forestock and pistol grip areas. The ambidextrous safety catch is inside the trigger guard in front of the trigger (back for safe, forward for fire)
Overall with the recoil pad fitted the length of the Meteor mk7 is 43 inches so it’s really a rifle rather than a carbine but its compact dimensions makes it feel very much like a carbine, I suppose you could cut the barrel back from 18.5 to 15 or 16 inches but it would be a total pig to cock as the gun is a full power gun and the effort needed to cock a shorter barrel mechanism would be prohibitive.
It’s got a two stage trigger not quite up to match standards but its light years ahead in terms of smoothness compared with earlier BSA triggers only the second stage can be adjusted.
Naturally with changes in spec and improvements in capability the weight has changed but only ever so slightly with the mk7 weighing in at a very reasonable 6.2 pounds
The hardwood stock is as usual contoured and shape to suit European and British tastes which I actually don’t like I much prefer the much simply and slighter lines of American rifle stocks. But I’m a minority in that case so it doesn’t really matter. But it is not fair that the EXPORT ONLY market COMET gets the much simpler US leaning synthetic tactical stock which cuts the guns weight by ½ a pound. (Enquiries tell I can buy the EXPORT ONLY synthetic stock for a little over £70 if I want one direct from BSA)
It’s clear that BSA and its partner GAMO have benefitted from cooperation as the Meteor is now much quieter mechanically than many of its predecessors. For a budget end UK owned gun it’s pretty darn natty but it’s a pity it’s not threaded for an aftermarket moderator or fitted with factory standard sling swivels.
Do I like it YUP I sure do, would I recommend it to other preppers YUP I would, it’s a good all-round modern reliable modestly priced air rifle, it’s not as compact, light or as pointable, or even as quiet as my BSA Ultra tactical that I sold but its half the price of the Ultra and doesn’t need an air bottle or hand pump to recharge it.
Could it be improved further? YES things like 11 mm scope rails belong in the dark ages now, the best optics are all available with P rail fittings now, and as I mentioned above it should be threaded for a silence / moderator. I would like to see a Bullpup version developed for those of us who hunt in confined spaces like dense woodland and inside farm buildings or a short barreled version with a telescopic cocking aid fitted.
Power ?it’s got enough for taking small game including rabbits, pigeon etc its heritage should assure its longevity even if used daily, parts and service parts are freely available from UK suppliers and tuning kits are available from places like Welsh Willy
Chaps please to remember that as preppers not only should you practice frequently with your guns and archery kit, but you should also ensure you keep any essential spares for your kit as well, so please buy and set aside a set of springs, bushes, O rings and seals for your gun and keep them stored safely in a dark place. I don’t think I need to repeat myself about gun safety and gun maintenance for our communities’ members.

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