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New Product Respirator w/ Voice Amplifier

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Nov 28, 2015
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Hanoverton, OH
Okay, my buddy hooked me up with this and I don't think he realized what he had. I went ahead and spent hours researching every aspect of this thing so I can provide factual details and functionality. I do know it is top-of-the-line PPE. Especially with all of the features that it came with. I also found that the voice amplifier is worth more then the respirator! It is 100% brand new. Every feature is brand new. There's not one smudge or scratch and the voice amplifier has been tested and works. I'd like to find this thing a good home, otherwise it's going to remain wrapped and stored in my closet. I can't accept any less than $600 for this item. Do the research yourself and you'll understand. I will cover shipping costs.

Here are the details along with pictures:

•North by Honeywell Welding Respirator w/ Voice Amplifier.

•Configured For: Dual Respiration Cartridge

• Face Piece Material: Silicone.

•Connection: Threaded, Head Harness 5 point suspension.
Material: Neoprene.


*Voice Amplification Apparatus

*Welding Attachment

*Two Extra Polycarbonate Safety Cover Plates (2" X 4 1/4") by 'Comfort/ OKI Bering'.
Part # 932-440.

*One Extra Heat Treated Glass Filter Plate Shade 10 (2" X 4 1/4") by 'Ultraview'.
Part # UV2410GF.

*Two Multi-Gas & P100 Filter Combo Cartridges. (Included in original packaging).
The North N Series Defender Multi-Purpose Cartridge is a low-profile filter, designed for use against Organic Vapors, Chlorine, Hydrogen Chloride, Sulfur Dioxide, Hydrogen Sulfide, Hydrogen Fluoride, Chlorine Dioxide, Ammonia, Methylamine and Formaldehyde With P100 Particulate Filter. P100 respirator cartridges are NIOSH certified to have filter efficiency level of 99.7 percent or greater against oil and non-oil based particulates
Part # 75SCP100L.


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