Researchers have described the virus as defying evolution

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Feb 2, 2017
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Hmm, I can't find any solid info on this??

Newly discovered virus disturbs scientists who have no idea how it infects hosts
As far as "defying evolution", the quote may be accurate . . . yet misleading at the same time.

There are different degrees of right and wrong in the everyday world, and this is also true in science.

As an example (originally suggested by Isaac Asimov), consider the fact that the Earth is round (it seems like I'm digressing, but please stick with me).

This was originally discovered by a librarian in Alexandria about 2,300 years ago, and he accurately measured the diameter of the Earth with an error of only about 5% or so. So, he assumed that the Earth was a perfect sphere, like a billiard ball.

Further measurements done centuries later confirmed that the Earth bulged slightly at the equator (this was predicted by Newton), so instead of a billiard ball, the Eart was assumed to be slightly oval in shape.

When artifical sattelites went up and made more precise measurements, the bulge was slightly bigger south of the equator, so everyone started thinking that the Earth looks like a Bartlett pear.

The point is that these series of corrections reflect a progressively finer and more precise understanding.....and not that the Earth is round today, a century later it looks like a cube, and a century after that it looks like a pyramid.

Eratosthenes (the librarian) was accurate within a few thousand miles.....while Newton was accurate within several hundred miles, and the Telstar sattelites are accurate to within several hundred feet.

This "virus that defies evolution" is a something that will offer greater precision once the details are known, but it's like refining our understanding of earth's basic roundness from oval to slightly pear-shaped....and not like saying that the earth has now been discovered to be a cube . . . instead of round, like we've believed all of these years.

I sometimes have problems communicating, so please tell me that you can see my point....even if you disagree.
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