Reasons for Painful Dental Treatment

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Aug 18, 2013
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Most of us specifically children associate pain with the word Dental Treatments. As the day of your visit to the dentist approaches a fear starts to build up in most of our minds. The reason for this may be the experience of a painful dental procedure in the fast. There are several reasons for pain during treatments. One of the reasons is the dentist starting the procedure too early before you are numb or he may be unsuccessful in getting you numb. Sometimes the sedative injection may not be affecting the right position and this causes pain in the area of dental work. Sometimes an active tooth infection can cause severe pain. There are some dentists who refuse you the local anesthesia and there are even some who won’t stop the process even if you are in too much pain.
Modern processes are there which gives you 100% painless dental treatments. While choosing your dentist and dental clinic you will need to make sure that they are using the most modern methods that ensure painless procedures. Before any dental treatment, apply a local anesthesia or LA Solution. It can be either given as an injection or as a cream or gel. The LA solution should be applied very slowly and it should take about 2 minutes for a 2 ml cartridge. This slow application is the key to minimizing pain. This can be done with the help of special devices called wands or using a good injection technique.
If the LA is properly administered the actual dental treatment is painless except for the treatments on severely infected teeth.

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Aug 24, 2013
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I am sure that dentist I could convince the good (not) doctor to stop. It was nice to see some one knows how to push the local.

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