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Jul 4, 2017
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Georgia, USA
Hi all, I have been absent for a couple years starting when I found out I had a broken foot in April 2018 and went thru 2 "so called" doctors who offered no help until last November I found a real doctor who has done 1 extensive surgery and 2 other surgeries trying to get my foot somewhat back close to normal. Lost a lot of time from prepping thanks to the first 2 doctors and at the same time, much of my preps came in handy with all the financial and time lost. Now it is almost like starting over! I live in NE Georgia, disabled, my Wife has not worked in years thanks to her former boss but life goes on! No more sad tells from me, just letting everyone know my situation, it is an intro, right? Slowly rebuilding my preps and look forward to learning, relearning and maybe passing some knowledge back! I believe this is the Best Preppers forum out there! Thanks!

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