PTSD, Disaster Psychology and Treatment Guidelines

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Silent Bob

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Mar 20, 2014
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Here are some of the related handouts you might want to use following an event. Most of these are simple guidelines and as an after thought, I might print the handout on Psychological first aid and place them in our IFAK.

Please note that the Clinical Treatment PDF is several hundred pages long. So if your thinking of printing a hard copy, consider only the sections that you would need or take it to Kinko's to save on the ink printer.

I bought the book called "Treating PTSD in Military Personnel: A Clinical Handbook" by Brett Moore, but I have yet to read it. So I can't recommend it personally, but thumbing through it the book provides a outline of how to treat PTSD after extended exposure to stress in a combat situation. I would look at this as a good book to have on hand because transitionally what stresses we would see in the military would be similar to what we would see in an apocalyptic event.

Hope these help, if you require additional resources, send me a conversation, I have a few softbound books that I could scan but it might take me a bit of time.


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