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Oct 21, 2018
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Central Virginia
Don't forget teething rings and baby orajel, ointment for newborn boys circumcision, babies need so many specialized over the counter items, it would be easy to just go thru the baby section at local Walmart type store. And if at all possible, PLEASE breast feed, it's Gods best food for babies and helps you heal quick. Also you may want to start looking for a local mid-wife in case of bad crap hits the fan. And I agree with cloth diapers, training pants, etc. I still keep baby stuff for bartering with, like cloth diapers. These will be awesome to trade.

Kevin L

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Feb 2, 2017
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Boynton beach, Florida
Re: baby stuff.

For God's sake, babyproof your guns, ammo, meds, fuel for generators, and so on.

In an emergency, babyproofing can be overlooked, yet is more important in a crisis because access to healthcare (especially emergency pediatrics) may be limited.

Pure tallow can be rendered and used to help prevent diaper rash. Aloe Vera can be used to treat diaper rash if it does develop.

Vaccines should be stored (see earlier post from cipro), and used to prevent diseases like mumps, measels, herpes zoster, whooping cough, and roseola.

Vaccines are not that expensive, and--just so we understand each other--vaccines do not cause autism.

They are by perscription, but aren't too difficult to obtain through obscure channels, as they aren't controlled like narcotics.

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