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Nov 1, 2012
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On occasion, in the dead of winter, I will sneak into my SO's usmc issued gore tex pants and jacket while I shovel the snow or play with the kids outside in the cold white shit that they oh so love and I oh so hate...the way I see it, if I've been delegated to these tasks I deserve to be very warm whilst doing so LoL So I will head out the the van and get dig out the bag that he stores his gore tex suit in (we keep it in there in case we have car trouble in the winter or rain) and put it on over my clothes and TA-DA! I'm snug as a bug in a rug... since he is obviously bigger than I am, I can easily put it on over my clothes and stay that much warmer, but if I had to run or do anything tactical, I'd be screwed. Not to mention that the sound of that shit is most def not tactical... so I am on the prowl for a size small or medium if I can't find small, Gore Tex jacket and pants set, I would prefer mar-pat but as long as its camo of some sort i'd be happy enough. I'd also like to get the "Quiet" version that they make. I haven't tried on or had any experience with the quiet version and I am not sure if it comprimises the warmth/water repellancy of the suit...anyone know?
If you haven't tried out Gore Tex as a winter/rainy clothing option, you really are missing out...that shit is amazing...seriously. You can't even tell you are out in the elements, except of course your face and hands freezing off, but I am positive they make something GoreTex for that as well.
I wonder if the military surplus stores would carry such stuff...ppl tend to hang on to it though cuz it's so nice and handy to have for sure! It's so dang expensive brand new too :( nearly 250 bucks through Cabellas for pants alone...

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