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Feb 19, 2012
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DC Metro Area
So...... I went on a little field trip the other day. For those of you who can make this trip, I definitely recommend you go at least once. Definitely a "Bucket List" event. I have been to the museum quite often, really. In the time I've lived in the DC Metro area, I've gone to the range downstairs to teach classes, shoot NRA Action Pistol, and who knows how many other things. I've gone to the museum with almost ALL of my friends and family at one time or another.

This time I had a chance to go with Habs, my Dad. I know all guys at some point of their lives think their Dad is "Superman". As I've gotten older, I think it more and more. I have said numerous times that he's the 2nd most impressive man I've known. 2nd only to Jesus. I mean that, too. My Dad is a strong man. He is very caring, forgiving, and selfless. Even in his 60's he's done volunteer work for homeless and people down on their chips. He may not be rich in dollars, but in his soul he's one of the wealthiest men I've ever known or even heard of. When his health was questionable he would still take the donations from the local Panera Bread restaurant and Harris Teeter over to the church so less fortunate families could have food, since he couldn't afford to feed them all. I really think if he could have, he would have. He has such a wealth of knowledge I couldn't begin to quantify with words. As much as I've done with guns and having been in the industry in some capacity since I was 20 years old, I managed to learn something from him on this trip. In "My territory" so to speak. He showed me a husband/wife exhibition shooting team from long ago, and also the "Creedmore position". I couldn't believe he knew of this position and I didn't. Again, not to think that I know it all, but I truly have had more exposure to the firearms field than most have in a lifetime. He also showed me a gun that was on the Lewis-Clark expedition. It had been used to quietly take game and to engage native Americans with a minimum amount of noise. It was a 52cal AIRGUN!! Who in the world knew that they had an AIRGUN back then?! I didn't, but Habs did. Imagine that!! I finally made myself take some pics. I have reservations about doing this for a couple reasons, but I decided it was something I ought to do this trip. I hope you all enjoy them, I'm sorry if some of them aren't so good, but please understand my lack of talent with a camera. Again, I did my best for you so I hope yall dig 'em.

I met another man there, Mr Corbett. He's a retired Marine. He served in WW2, Korea, and Viet Nam. His wife was along with him on this trip to HQ. They met when he was still active duty and shot competitively. She was shooting bullseye comps and he met her on the range. They've had a life full of good times together. Many of them involved gun-related activities. He had a custom made cane(My Dad collects canes) that was hand carved and had his service record on it. It was really a cool piece of craftsmanship. I have a thing for hand made items. That type of personal attention can not be had with a machine made piece. Whether it comes to guns, jewelry, canes, shoes, or nearly anything else I can think of. He shared quite a bit of his experiences that he'd had- both in the service and as a civilian. He and Habs had struck it off immediately. His cane caught Pop's attention right away. When we thanked him for his' service, he quickly downplayed it as many servicemen and women do. He thanked my Dad for his's service just as quickly and asked if I had ever been in. When I told him no, he looked as if I made him want to vomit. When he heard I didn't due to health issues and being turned down, his opinion of me went back up to a respectable level. It made me chuckle inside, but made me even more thankful. Thankful that there are Americans like he and my Father that feel as if serving in the military is something that a self-respecting American should at least take part in for a couple of years. Even if they don't see combat, it'll build character. I agree with them fully.

Of all the trips I've made to this museum and all the people I've met involved with the NRA, Friends of the NRA, IDPA, and all the other gun-related activities I've taken part in, I must say this is without question THE MOST MEMORABLE trip I've had. I appreciate all of you that have served in the armed forces and what you've done for me and my fellow Countrymen. I'm a thankful Christian and a proud American. Between Habs, Mr. Corbett, and the rest of our troops, I have been given many freedoms that many will never know and many will take for granted. God gave me these things, but you all have protected them. Thank you for that. God bless you and may He surround you with hedges of angels.



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Feb 5, 2012
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Communist State Of Kalifornia
I can't wait to go back to DC and check this out.
The only other two places I have been with extensive gun collections was when I went on a tour of the J. Edgar Hoover building (FBI HQ), and
when I was station at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD. There they have a museum of the history of fire arms.


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