Non-food doomsday barter items. outside the box ideas. What's yours?

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My non food items for bartering;

1. micro sd card loaded with videos
2. hammer and nails
3. battery powered cooling fan
4. pepper spray
5. pens and paper
6. pet food

Batteries, dry without the acid in them
Lithium batteries
Air rifle Ammo
Vac Packed Pasta
Tinned veg
Clean filtered water
Disposable lighters

Only goods I can transport to a barter meet, I wont barter from my BOL / HOME. I wont trade my fuel or other stuff, not my medical supplies, but the wife is a highly skilled Nurse Practioner so we may barter her skills via a mobile clinic.
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Skills are the best thing I’ve seen on the lists above so far. There would be lots of scavenged stuff available for years to trade with. Scavenging would probably become one of the first professions post shtf.

My missus is fed up with being ambushed when overseas ( usually the US) by overweight type 2 diabetics wanting medical advice for nowt, trouble is after TSHTF Type two diabetics will eith lose wight fast or die which could limit her potential clientel :)
its not just diabetics that will die post SHTF, drug addicts, anyone needing lifesaving treatment, heart and lung transplants, people on dialysis, people needing oxygen cylinders to breath. heck even asthmatics when they can not get their inhalers any more.
the population is going to look very different post SHTF and a lot less of them too.
My main non food barter items would be my knowledge. Perhaps on a USB or micros drive if someone still has a devise that will work to read them. I have dozens of those drives. I hope to have my printer-copier working and I can trade printouts of useful knowledge to barter with.
I'm in an out the way area, we will not have many people just passing through the area.The only people I would most likely barter with would be those nearby that already know of my existence and are also trying to survive.

It's best if I barter and help them survive on there own. Trade them seeds and knowledge to grow food and produce clean water, etc.. they could hopefully trade me manual labor or resources for my knowledge and seeds.
I've always planned on the assumption that there is no electric grid. I am trying to get books and write a journal for y family. I have one on gardening , harvesting and preserving. Hopefully she will pay attention and not dispose of all of my written wisdom before she reads it
depends on how many people survive? I don't really expect many to survive in an already low population area.
I would expect most people that live on farms and ranches in the US to survive pretty well. Most farmers and ranchers are very creative and are used to dealing with hardships already.
Many of today's farmers have no idea how to preserve seeds from heirloom plants. Everyone needs to expect that there will not be stores so they need to be saving all of the precious seeds they can.

For many plants like tomatoes, it's more than just drying seeds. There's fermentation, etc. Except Arctic who can start tomatoes in a dark pig barn without sun or water.
Had a friend buy me a double Dewars on the rocks. Close to the nastiest stuff I’ve ever tried....
What I have is a really cheap brand. My brother in laws family owns a liquor ..... Hell, I dont know what to call it, but they have lots of liquor and if they have too much of a certain lot, it finds its way to my husband and I steal some for my preps.

You are correct Scotch was nasty to me too.

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