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Sep 25, 2013
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The doomsday preppers gearing up for

the end of the world... in the heart of New


By Daily Mail Reporter

PUBLISHED:21:03, 28 January 2013| UPDATED:15:33, 29 January 2013

New York City is probably the least ideal place in the country for survivalists who fear the

end of the world to take up residence.

Most of the population lives on islands, divided from the continental U.S. by bridges and

tunnels and most people rely on mass transit to get around. As Hurricane Sandy proved,

both of those systems are vulnerable to major natural disasters. As Hurricane Sandy also

proved, major natural disasters are wont to occur from time-to-time.

Despite this, a sizable and rapidly-growing group of 'preppers' has cropped up in the city -

each member interested in preparing for the 'end of the world.'

Always prepared: Here is a sample 'bug out bag' prepared by a member of the New York City Preppers

Network. It contains all the things a person thinks he will need to survive the end of the world

Diverse: Aton Edwards, a nationally-recognized preparedness trainer, lives in Brooklyn, New York. He says the

modern prepper movement is so diverse 'it looks like America'

However, the flavor of New York is different than survivalists in much of the rest of the

nation, New York Times reporter Alan Fluer - himself a prepper - reports.

The threat of national disasters - as well as the city's history as a target of terrorist attacks -

has led these New Yorkers to prepare for losing their homes, power being knocked out,

clean water running out and food becoming scarce.

But, New York preppers are tame compared to the subjects of TV shows like 'Doomsday

Preppers,' who are building bomb shelters to prepare for a Russian nuclear attack or

stockpiling assault weapons and ammunition in case a the government turns the military

against the United States.

'The Earth isn’t going to crash into Planet X and the Mayan thing never happened,' Jason

Charles, the leader of the New York City Preppers Network, told the Times. 'But I’ll tell you

this, people here definitely used their preps during Sandy.'

Indeed, Aton Edwards, a nationally-recognized expert in preparedness, who has appeared

on mainstream television to talk about the prepper movement, lives in Brooklyn.

He said the New York prepper movement is 'the strangest mishmash of people you could

ever find — black, white, men, women, everyone. It looks like America.'

Stocking up: Some preppers are also stockpiling food and water to prepare for the possibility that the modern

infrastructure of New York City could collapse

New York preppers, Fluer argues in the Times, are often less obsessed with the certainty

that the world will end in a movie-style catastrophe - and more interested that the modern

infrastructure of New York City is more fragile than most people realize or are willing to


'This is NOT a political, religious, or conspiracy group. All are welcome,' reads a posting on

the group's homepage.

Most New York City preppers understand that the city is not a good place to be when it

comes to the end of the world.

And so, they pack 'bug out bags' - rucksacks filled with the tools and gear they think they will

need to survive in a city that has been turned on its head.

Good eating: Military-style Meals Ready to Eat are popular with preppers because they are lightweight and do

not spoil

But most important for many is the 'GOOD' principle - 'Get Out of Dodge.'

'Bugging out will not be easy,' Mr Charles said at a recent meeting. 'It might take three or

four hours to get out of the city. If the bridges are blocked, you might have to use a raft to get

across the river. Everyone’s situation will be different.'

The contents of bug out bags as often as individual as the preppers - each geared to the

owner's fears and what he thinks he'll need if the world ends.

All contain non-perishable food and a some method of making dirty water drinkable. Most as

as well as a knife and a compass, flashlight and a reliable way to make fire.

At a recent New York City Preppers Network meeting, the Times reports, one man had a

condom designed to serve as an inflatable water container. Another had traps that he

intended to use so he could catch and eat the city's plentiful rats. A locksmith in the group

had a set of lock picking tools in his kit.