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New P80 Glock 17 frames with tooling - Better hurry

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Aug 19, 2022
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Boone, IA
I was cleaning out the garage the other day and I found two of these P80 Glock 17 frames that are still new in the box and have not been drilled. (still 80%). With the ban coming up in a couple of days I thought Id sell them so someone can get in under the wire. I already have quite a few and dont need these. ***THESE ARE NOT FIREARMS - They are 80% frames that need to be drilled and milled to be considered a firearm.
This is a listing for two (2) P80 Glock 17 kits with tooling. I will not separate.
$290 for both and $17 flat rate shipping to anywhere in the continental US.

Im in Boone, IA and happy to meet anyone that is local. Venmo only. If you choose to identify it as a product you are buying through Venmo then you will pay the fee.


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