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Mar 23, 2015
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East Wenatchee, WA
Okay, first I want to say that I am a teen prepper. I live in an apartment complex, 4 apartments per building, about 5 buildings. I managed to convince the neighbors, of whom me and my brother are very close to, to begin prepping. Their son especially is interested in it.

Yesterday I had an encounter with some kids who are not psychologically well off, (play with knives in the open, set fires.) and unfortunately to get away from going over to their apartment complex, (it is separate from my complex and run by different people.) I accidentally said something I heard from my neighbor friend's mother. Well the unwell kids went to tell their dad and my friend said we needed to talk to his mom. So I didn't think of this at first, but my friend's family got evicted and was about to move into the apartment complex the crazy kids are apart of, and I could get them kicked out before they move in.

So she told me that she can't trust me anymore(this is the first time I have ever done something like this in our relationship. I have always been considered by them to be trustworthy and to hear that she no longer trusted me, or me to hang out with her son by extension really hurt me.) and that if I don't smooth it over, me and her son can't be friends and her family will cut us off.
I feel like it is important to mention that I never dropped any names, but it had to do with one of the crazy people doing something to one of her children, which made me afraid to go over there. So me and my brother went solo to the dangerous kids apartment, and knocked and gave a sincere and heartfelt apology. We had to blame it on this random bully for spreading rumors. Luckily the Dad was really awesome and said that it was mature and brave for me and my brother to come over to apologize for our behavior and that he respected us for that. We shook hands.

Me and my brother came back to our apartment complex and my Friend's mom thanked me and I said that I was really sorry and that it would never happen again. Which is true, this is the first time I ever accidentally slipped something like that. She said that me and her son can still be friends, but didn't say if she trusted me or not.

Even though I blame myself for it, because it was my fault, I still feel horrible that she said that she can't trust me or my brother. We've known their family for about 4 years, and our relationship means a lot to me. So that really hurt. I need help on how to get her to trust me again. Our families are planning on bugging out together so trust is extremely important. I really respect her and I feel really bad that I violated her trust.

I need advice on how I can regain their trust so we can continue our preps.

Sorry for the length, but I feel like hearing the whole story is important.


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Aug 15, 2013
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Don't really have much to go on here....

But, as I've got more than a few years on you, I'll pass this on...

Two ingredients are needed to repair trust.

You need both to effect a repair. Either one alone will not do it. Keep doing the first part (trustworthy actions, regarding this person and their family), and the Time component is just something that works itself out. The other party decides the quantity needed of both of these ingredients. All you can do is keep supplying them.

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