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Jan 5, 2014
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Beardstown Illinois

My bag has:
1-canvas bag
1-wool blanket(military surplus)
1-chop'n'scoop cleaver
1-SOA military commando knife
1-SOG Fasthawk tomahawk
1-gerber parang machete
1-gerber field sharpener
1-elk ridge skinning knife(I named her Ladyfinger)
1-off brand multitool
2- Winchester folders(1 inch blades)
1-cheap folder 4" blade
1-Coleman LED headlamp
1-pair of leather work gloves
1-bag of cordage
1-kneebrace(I have a bad knee)
1-headhunter hunting slingshot
1-metal container of wet naps
1-pill bottle of kerosene soaked cotton balls
1-zippo and bic lighter(in blue case)
1-ozark trail kitchen multi-tool
1-waterproof container of med-tape
1-LED light
1-small maglite
1-small binoculars
1-trash bag
1-container of screen(from a window, for netting)
20-green tea with purple açai and blueberry bags
1- water bladder
1-pair of bates desert combat boots
1-small roll of bright pink duct tape(for signaling)
1- bottle of kerosene fuel

I'm still adding and changing but it's what I have at the moment

My edc is the items in front of the pack, soon I will be adding a Henry 22 survival rifle and a small scope with an a$$load of ammo

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