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Apr 7, 2014
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Reading, England
Hi all,

New member here wanted see what you all thought of my primary BOB and contents would welcome any suggestions. This is based on short term for two people so If you see 2 x of the same thing that is based on the assumption I have my bug out mate with me. I have divided this into a few sections.

The bags I am using are as follows a Tasmanian tiger first responder 2 for the trauma kit and a Tasmanian tiger raid 2

Tools, Security, Torch's

1x Cold Steel OSS
2 x mora heavy duty knives
1 x Kershaw 10inch camp knife
2 x Cold Steel Peacemaker 2s
1 x Leatherman
1 x Cold Steel Recon 1
1 x Cold Steel Panga Machetes (depending on scenario and location and other variables)
2 x small cree torch (run on either AA or 14500 batts)
1 x 3d cell led maglight
1 x cree head torch (runs on either 18650 or 2 x camera batts)
1 x MK4 Osprey Body Armour (once again depends on the scenario can be taken or left depending on variables) with side plates and level four plates
1 x Survival Inc Lightweight 111a body amour with insert-able level 4 plates (brought for my girlfriend to wear and once again depends on the scenario can be taken or left depending on variables)
100 x High intensity 5 Min Cyalume sticks (can be left or taken in desired quantity)
2 x Lazer Brite long life tactical torch glowstick things last 450 hours if you havent seen them have a look at the link they are awesome
3 x Lighters

Survival & Food Prep
Oasis Water Purification Tablets
Hexamine type Stove with extra fuel tablets
1 x trangia with kettle
Mess Tins x 2
Spork x 2
Seven Oceans Survival Biscuits x 2 Packs (each pack lasts one person 72 hrs Supposedly)
2 x UK MREs (have more can add to in volume dependant on different scenarios)
1 x Life Straw
4 x 4 hr tea lights
Pack of playing cards
2 x Mountain Whistles
Fire Steel
Waterproof Matches
Small Fishing Kit
Para Cord 550 100 meters
sewing kit
2 x gold sovereigns
2 x half gold sovereigns
hand Sanitizer
Anti Bacterial wipes
Toilet Paper
2 x small roll up Gortex bivi bags
6 Protein / Energy bars
Tea Bags, Sugar, Salt, pepper small quantity of powdered milk
Small tabasco bottle
2 x litre metal water bottles
5 x resealable bags
2x tarpaulins

Communications, Tech and Navigation

1 x Solar & Wind up Radio (also has charger for mobiles etc built in)
1 x Wind up Torch (is kept in survival section separate from other torch's emergency only)
2 long range way UHF Ham radios (i have five so can vary quantity if there are others in party)
Small pair of Binoculars
Old Fashioned Compass & Maps of Area that I am in and going to
1 x Ipad loaded with films, books (survival books not just fiction) and Independent OS Mapping software which works offline.
1 x Google Nexus 7 loaded with books and Ordnance Survey software
1 x Power Gorilla Battery & Solar Charger
1 x Cheap Generic 10000mah battery & Solar charger

The Luxury Kit (to me these are luxury items and not needed but are really nice to have)

Two Person Tent (I use the wild country one small compact lightweight)
2 x Snugpack Extreme Sleeping bags these beauties go down to about -20 and are fairly light as well
Small Hatchet

My trauma kit is as follows.

Morning Ladies & Gents,

What do you think of my trauma kit any additions advice greatly received.....

Tasmanian Tiger Tactical First Responder II medical pack

various Bags to store components in as follows ;

· Intubation/airway bag (blue)
· Statpacks drug module (black)
· Mesh gear bags (1 large/2 small)
· Large zip round entry pouch (olive)
· Zip round entry pouch (1 large blue)
· Zip round entry pouch ( 1 medium red)
· Zip round entry pouch (2 small blue)

· CAT tourniquet (2)
· CELOX gauze dressings (5)
· Israeli trauma field dressings (12)
· Blast trauma dressing (6)
· Abdominal trauma dressing (1 large)
. Quickclot granules 2 x 100g
. 10 x 10 Hemcon Dressing x 4
. Ambulance Dressings 5 of each size
. Various bandages & plasters good assortment

· Res-Q-Vac (1)
· Flexible airway to BVM catheter (1)
· Portex Mini-Trach II Seldinger Minitracheotomykits (2)
· Portex Emergency Surgical Cricothyrotomy kit (1)
· Airtraq guided intubation tool (1 size regular)
· Cuffed ET tubes (1 of each size 6, 7, 8, 9)
· Bolin chest seals (2)
· Magills forceps (1)

Tools andinstruments
· Scalpels with handles (4 of various blade types)
· Disposable tweezers (2)
· Disposable scissors (3)
· Various surgical scissors/forceps (5)
· Black tuff-cut shears (1)
. Field Surgical & Suture Kit

Various bits and pieces
· Resuscitation face shields (2)
· Sharps container (1)
· High Protection thermal blanket (1)
· Selection of Syringes & Needles
. Selection of infusion kits & catheters
· Adult emergency thermal blanket (4)
· Cannulation tourniquets (2)
· Pack of safety pins (1)
· Various thickness rolls of zinc oxide/micropore/otherstapes (6)
· Thermometer (1)
· Triangular bandage (1)
· Crepe bandages (3 large and 2 medium)
· HSE wound dressing (1 large)
. Digital Oximeter x 2
. Stethoscope
. Pressure Cuff
. Selection of Emergency Glow Sticks 5 x 12 Hour and 10 x high intensity 5 minute


Pain Relief
Aspirin x 3 box's generic
Ibuprofen x 3 box's generic
Paracetamol x 3 Box's generic
Codeine 30mg x 3 Box's
Tramadol 50mg x 3 boxs
Naproxyn 250mg x 2 boxs
Oxycontin 1 box

Diazepam 2 boxs
Tamazepam 2 boxs

Amoxicillin 2 x seven day courses
Tetracycline 2 x seven day courses

various Anti histamines
various topical ointments and chemicals i.e potassium permanganate
2 x boxs multivitamins.

This is a work in progress and im adding all the time what do you think........ I welcome any comments.....

I am sure Ive missed quite a bit off and as I mentioned the trauma kit and this kit are designed to be spread over a carry load of two people and possibly a bug out vehicle and then of course I have a different load for land rover etc but the above is what I and my girlfriend can happily carry with a few additions etc easily and for a period of time spread out over both of us. Depending on the situation I would also possibly carry a lightweight 12ftlbs .22 air gun and or a 150lb draw weight crossbow but weight starts to get prohibitive I have found when you start adding big extras.

I think the beauty of my kit is that I have designed it to carry in a modular way so can cut weight from the kit very easily without taking too much effectiveness and to vary for different scenarios I also have 2 NBC kits with GSR respirators but would not carry them in certain scenarios.

I would welcome any constructive comments. I sometimes get carried away with kit or so my girlfriend tells me when she strapps the bag I have packed her on her back!! Do we really need all of this is a common comment..... haha Cheers for reading.

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