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Sep 7, 2013
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Columbus, GA USA
Recipe: Meat, Potatoes and Vegetables
Mulligan Stew is a dish that is said to have been prepared by hobos in the early 1900s. They scrounged around, begging, "borrowing" or stealing meat, potatoes and vegetable for the pot, which was a big tin can on a fire.

I've got a good bit of venison in the freezer, and some of it has been in there a while. I'm been thinking of just making a bunch of stew with the older venison and freezing it in ZipLock bags.

So I tried my hand at it today. I bought potatoes, onions, carrots, lima beans and corn. First I cubed the meat and par-boiled it to cook out the blood. Then scooped off the scum (from the blood) and added sliced potatoes and onions. I boiled that until the potatoes started falling apart and added sliced carrots. I cooked that until the carrots started getting a little soft and then added the lima beans and corn, and cooked it until the meat was tender.

For seasoning I used some salt, pepper, and rosemary garlic mix. I think the hobos just used salt and pepper.

If it came out anything like what the hobos made, they ate pretty well! It's as good or better than any store bought stew, and it was really easy to make. It's a complete balanced meal with lots of fiber.

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