More mods to my GHB clothing

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A True Doomsday Prepper
Sep 25, 2013
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More mods to my GHB clothing

I modified a DPM smock and a Geologists multi pocket vest to better conceal some of my prepper kit so it does not attract the eye of the authorities when trying to get out of Dodge on foot or public transport.

I originally sewed extra pockets inside both simply to carry a telescopic baton and a fixed blade knife, but as time went by further mods and adaptations saw me add a pocket for a two way radio, flashlight and multi tool to the inside with the objective of making the jacket / vest appear empty to the casual eye.

Adding extra pockets is one thing but I have noticed that by not thinking things through the extra weight on the jacket / vest lining pulls the clothing out of alignment and down on one side thus basically defeating the objective of trying to not draw attention to myself.

So more mods have been required by adding more lines of double stitching both vertically and horizontally to the jacket and vest to secure the lining better to the heavier outer fabric, I also found I needed to add extra material to the baton pouch to spread its load over a greater part of the jacket to stop it pulling the jacket out of shape.

Trouble is now of course I’m adding “essential” extra bits of kit into the outside pockets thus making the blasted garments look bulky again!!!! Doh!!!!

AA case with 4 spare batteries

Prismatic compass


Fold flat drinking cup

Light sticks

Sharpey & Notebook


Gerber artefact

Eye glasses in tough case


!!! Never bloody ends does it.

Still at least my pocket knife, wallet, cell phone, kerchief etc still disappear inside my cargo pants.


A True Doomsday Prepper
Aug 15, 2013
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My "outfit" pretty much makes me look like any guy leisurely hiking in the woods. The colors are right to allow me to hide well, but without screaming anything other than civilian. My hiking boots are cammo though, but with the overall look, doesn't really stand out. Any kind of vest or jacket would look out of place here (too hot most of the time), so I use a fisherman style shirt, and cargo shorts (shorts again, because it is hot, and screams civilian). I can carry lots of basics in both the shirt and the shorts, but most gear is in the backpack.

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