Missouri MAG connections

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Nov 20, 2020
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Hello fellow patriots,
me and my group have created a discord server that is specifically for connecting people in Missouri to Mutual Assistance groups in their local area. We have the state broken down into 11 strategic sections. Each section has a channel where you can hop in and connect with people in that area who have MAGS or you can create your own MAG. We are attempting to get important infrastructure in place such as COMS(communications) via shortwave/ham, supply-chain, intel sharing, etc. We feel like there could be some major events in the near future and we just want to be prepared in the event such things take place. We believe having such infrastructure in place will help safegaurd us ALL from anything such as grid-down or internet-down, or even things such as insurrection or invasion. It is also a place to participate in everyday conversation about anything prepping such as this forum. We have some shared resources such as e-books and other files etc. If you are from Missouri, or a bordering state such as ARK or OK, feel free to come in and connect.