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Oct 8, 2012
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I am located in Mid-Missouri and looking to make connections with others whom are concerned about prepping. Someone in the Gasconade County, Osage County, Maries County area. My significant other and myself raise poultry and swine and are quite good with "gardening" on a large scale. We have the water and heat side covered in addition to knowledge of herbal remedies, first aid, & CPR. We have the guns, ammunition, bows, arrows, fletching, etc and are located in a very rural area, have a greenhouse and acreage so we have the ability to replenish as necessary. We are building up our solar energy resources.

We believe that in the event of a major catastrophe that survival will be a team sport - not suited for the lone ranger so we are looking for like-minded people to share thoughts, resources, skills, etc. I've always scoffed at the "extremists" and simply believed in not wasting.

I recently listened to a presentation by the Cole Country Sheriff whom noted a several examples of very real potential disasters. One of those scenarios was an 8.6 magnitude earthquake at the New Madrid fault. Experts agree that it has happened before and that we are over-due for it happening again. The sheriff stated that it will affect up to the New York/Canada border all the way down to New Mexico. He noted that it will knock out dams north of us and that a 90-foot wall of water will wash down the Osage River alone. He stated that emergency management officials say there will not be a bridge left standing all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. Additionally, most electricity and cell phones will be knocked out for a minimum of 2 months - probably longer. Gas lines, sewer lines, water lines will be ruptured. He stated that the government (National Guard, sheriff, police, hwy patrol and such) will immediately take control of what gasoline and food sources, etc that remain and will ration according to a rating system. He talked for approximately 1-1/2 hours, this was just one example, and his talk really got to me unlike what I've seen on television. I immediately researched quakes and the location of dams and the probability of scenarios and such which is why I am on this forum and seeking to connect with others who believe in being prepared without seeking television and recognition.

I realize that hunting deer/turkey, etc is not a likely source of sustenance long-term. At the turn of the last century through the Great Depression, deer, turkey and the like were either eliminated in my area or at dangerously low levels because they were so over-hunted for survival. Since the population has exploded since those days, I'm betting in the event of a huge catastrophe, it would take just weeks for the wildlife population to be decimated; hence my belief in my ability to "regenerate" my own food with heirloom seeds/garden, herbals, livestock. preserving.

I look forward to getting to know people

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Jun 18, 2012
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Southern California
I have folks in Marshfield MO. I am her in Southern California so the earthquake thing weighs heavy . I think you are on it,about the hunt out. We have ocean, a thin mt. Range, then desert


Jan 3, 2013
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I'm 30 min from marshfield, mo. But will be moving back to Southern California next year.

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