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Looking for Info--Homemade "MRE" type meal mix recipes

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John in WI

Feb 12, 2022
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Hello Folks.
I've spent the past 5 years (post college years) climbing out of the financial hole the university caused. Got a mountain of stuff behind me, and now working on the future.
I have a decent stash of some very basic foods in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers. White rice, some beans and lentils, a bunch of pasta. It's a start--but obviously I won't be able to live on a diet of white rice and plain pasta.

Can someone recommend a source of recipes for something resembling "MRE" meals? I'm talking simple, one pot backpacking food recipes, that would hold up to long term storage in mylar? I have some backpacking food cookbooks, but nobody seems to comment on how long they will hold up in storage. I would like to find a handful of basic, complete recipes that I could bag up, so that one pouch could do 2 meals for 2 people, something along those lines. I'm thinking something like an easy beef stew, chili mac and cheese, some kind of tuna and pasta dish...

I'm hoping this summer to get a much better handle on some long term storage food. As I mentioned, I have about 3 months worth of pasta, rice, and beans. But I'd feel good if I could lay back a couple months of easy 1-pot meals. Something that wouldn't require a ton of fuel to cook, that would provide a good healthy calorie/vitamin/protein source.

Thanks for any resources, or any first person info.

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