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Sep 25, 2013
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Knife wearing

Well to begin with we all know that no British prepper would ever wear or carry an illegal knife in a

public place in the UK, all preppers only ever tout a sub 75 mm none locking blade and only in places

where its carrying can be legally justified by the most paranoid, knee jerk reactionary hysteria

driven, sad individual born into our fear driven society.

So when we are out and about in any other place on earth where common sense has not been

eradicated by political correctness gone mad, what knife carry options are available to us for

different the different roles we are involved in.

Some people such as Paramedics, Mountaineers and Tree surgeons will wear their knife hung from

their cargo vests or climbing harnesses often by a carabineer, clip or lanyard. Also many serving

soldiers in the 80s and 90s wore issue clasp knives on lanyards secured around their shoulders.

Many boaters, sailors, RNLI crew will wear a knife on their inflatable vests these blades are usually

blunt tipped and brightly coloured and often buoyant as well.

Fishermen and anglers alike be they on the river bank or in the north Atlantic will have razor sharp

filleting knifes often mounted on a cord around their necks or fastened to their Sou-westers

diagonally across their chests.

Expeditioners , hikers, back packers, explorers, wilderness campers and hunters will often have a

camp knife attacked to their belts or fastened to their rucksacks.

Butchers, Fish mongers, Electricians and Tradesmen like vehicle mechanics, boat yard workers, etc

all often have a decent blade in their tool boxes or at their work stations, and of course many a

farmer , game keeper, forester, slaughter-men etc will have a piece of cutlery to do their jobs


Naturally if the politically correct, left wing loons that run the UK and who delegate their authority

to the police had their way none of the above trades would be allowed anything sharp enough to

hurt themselves and it would only be able to be used after a full written risk assessment was done in


This brings us to preppers and survivalists who by pure coincidence are very often those very same

skilled people who use a knife for their jobs. We have different kit, different priorities and different

roles for our cutting tools (knives) Note I use the word TOOL not WEAPON because in

99.999999999% of the time a preppers knife is used simply as a tool and the final 00000000.1 is in a

defensive role. Very often even that defensive role is in fending off things like a dog attack, wild

animal attack, or just displayed as a DETERANT to ward off a potential assault against your own


Indeed reports gleaned from the media over the years of crimes of violence where people have been

cut usually show images of seized screw drivers, tin openers, pry bars, kitchen cutlery, bread knives,

craft knives, modeling knives, even metal bodied pens, broken bottles, pieces of glass shards, and

gardening tools!!! (I Wonder when the “Ban it” mob will get round to those?)

So it comes down to choice of kit, roles its intended for, the type of clothing you are wearing and the

environment you are operating in. For example as for my EDC use my little Byrd Tern folder lives

clipped to the edge of the pocket on my Craghopper Kiwi Cargos, but when I was soldiering my utility

knife was either on a lanyard or clipped to the inside of my Danner Arcadia combat boot.

Often if I need to carry something heavier for camp site work I will carry say a Cold Steel Ultimate

hunter but I will wear it in a pouch on my belt, under my jacket and out of sight.

Years ago before the political campaign against people being able to defend themselves became so

hysterical and I had to visit London which was still a crime infested slum in the 1980s. If I needed to

wear a suit I would often carry a small fixed bladed knife like my now long lost A G Russell Sting

mounted horizontally on my belt in the small of my back. My associated chose to wear his on a

shoulder holster of all things !!! (Shoulder holsters were never my thing cos you couldn’t take your

jacket off without showing your kit.

So consider where ever you carry your EDC sub 3 inch non locking folder so that you can get at it

easily without causing alarm to nervous sheeple, but in a place where you cannot easily lose it from

and a spot that is comfortable. I once knew a chap who EDCed his tool pouch morning noon and

night with his knife, multi tool, flashlight, spare batteries etcetera all on his hip, he was forever

correcting his dress and pulling his pants up.

Be careful, be considerate, be legal, be low profile, but above all else BE PREPARED. Sometimes it is

better and wiser to avoid traveling to a location than to go without your EDC tools.

FYI a guy in Los Angeles was savagely stabbed in the eye with a piece of uncooked spaghetti; I have

no doubt a campaign for uncooked spaghetti to be banned in the UK before a massacre occurs to

feature in the Daily Mirror any day now.

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