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Dec 30, 2014
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North Carolina
Currently getting ready for when SHTF.
I am stock piling Ammo for the guns I own, anytime I see some on sale I buy it.
I am buying needed items for survival such as fire starters, water filtration, leg traps to catch small prey, fishing tackle ect.
I also have an emergency plan, I need to get from GA to NC if SHTF so I can link up with the family. From there only time will tell what happens.

What are some of the top items(portable) that you guys buy?


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Aug 15, 2013
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For me, my top ten must haves would be:

1. Water Purification Straw
2. Dehydrated Meals (lighter than MREs)
3. Zippo Lighter
4. Military Poncho (in the SE, shelter isn't a big deal, but this will keep the rain off)
5. Good, fixed blade knife
6. Paracord, fishing line, other wires
7. Multi-Tool (like a Gerber)
8. Metal Water Bottle (so you can boil in it)
9. Extendable Camping Fork (just so damn easy to cook small things with it)
10. Spare underwear and socks (if these are wet, you're just miserable, so need a dry spare set)

But, for that long of a trek, some other good ideas:

1. Crank radio (for news of what's happening there)
2. Sleeping bag and tent (going to be a long trip man)
3. Solar powered E reader (loaded with survival books)
4. Ziploc bags (for taking the uneaten portion of a hunt with you to eat later)
5. First Aid Kit (including minor surgical implements) - Probably have this anyhow, but a must for such a long trip
6. Flashlight (LED) and spare batteries for it
7. Good maps! (compass, and know how to use it)
8. Razor saw (not the dinky little camping ones that last through one branch, but a nice one)
9. Spare pictures of your loved ones (so you can pass them around, see if people have seen them, etc. if looking for them)
10. Some type of item that you can do without, to barter with. For me, this is cigarettes. I don't smoke, but I'm betting I can purchase some things come SHTF with them, for a pretty minor initial investment.


Apr 24, 2013
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I'm sure this doesn't need to be mentioned, but a good pair of boots! a topographical map covering the area between you and your new location. Maybe not to take with you, but for planning purposes. Have multiple routes preplanned for driving and walking. Remember, you may have to take the long way. Bicycling wouldn't be out of the question either. Railroads are good for route planning, but remember, you won't be alone out there. Are you travelling solo or with others? Gazrok hit on the important stuff. Another good idea is to actually follow the routes you plan. Pick an area and walk over it. Know all the dangers between you and your location.

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