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Oct 17, 2020
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Indianapolis, Indiana
I wasn't sure where else to post this and was hoping for maybe a few suggestions. Please don't judge because of me asking, i am just curious.

My sister currently works at a retail store and is a department salaried manager there. She's worked her way up from the bottom (literally) and has been with them and only them for 16 years, she's 34. Do the math. It was her first job. However, lately, this retail chain is just going off the deep end with their requirements for her and her team. Not enough payroll, you know the same ole same ole story. However, now it is really affecting her mental health with just how bad it is at the store and just what is required of her.

But, she is the sole main income in our house. I'm in law school, and although i have a part time job, I just can't juggle more than that. The deal was, she would be the main income while I finished up school and then I once I am out of school and working full time, she could go back to school and do what she wants. But i worry for her mental health now.
The problem is, she clears a good 70K a year. She's been trying to find a new job that 1.) Would make around the same that she is making now since we can live solely off of that. A little less would be fine too. 2.) If there WAS a recession or something terrible happens like that, that she wouldn't be out of a job overnight.

Does anyone have any suggestions or words of wisdom? We're in the midwest if that helps any. I've been scouring the job boards all day and things that would make around her pay, she idn't qualified for. She doesn't have a college degree. (She attended for about 3 years until she dropped out to take care of our ailing grandmother that raised us when i was still in high school, and never went back.) I have two years left of law school and already have a job lined up for afterwards. Thanks for anyone that has anything useful or even encouraging to say. I hate listening to her crying everyday that she is driving home from work because of how bad it is and am just at a loss.

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