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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Midnight Booty Call Between Lovers.

Fed Reserve Chairman Powell got a midnight Booty Call from a lover – The European Union. They had a rendezvous planned with the date and time to be penciled in when the mood struck. Well, last night it struck.

Do you honestly believe the Credit Suesse problem just came up and surprised everyone? No, the reaction plan for its final act was worked out a few years ago. All that was needed to execute it was a very close friend’s Booty Call so they could seize the last of our booty.

See: Major Swiss Bank Going Under! People Crying…
If I lived in the US, I would withdraw a large portion of my wealth from the bank in cash. Well, that's what I'm doing here in Europe at the moment too.

The reason is, your and our government is panicking about bank runs, the corrupted banks too, of course, if things continue like this it could happen that you can only withdraw 50 or 100 dollars a day, no matter which bank.
This has already happened in Europe and these restrictions went on for a long time and have driven some private companies and some companies to their knees.
Here it is mentioned in the terms and conditions of every bank that the bank can and may do this, they simply close and turn everything off, people will have nothing more, as Klaus Schwab wrote, but then the people will not be happy but the people in charge To hunt.
Trump Says He Will Be Arrested Tuesday

I hope De Santis does not sign the extradition papers for a legal reason. This is a witch hunt and I say that as someone who routinely votes third party.

If Lois Learner can use the IRS to shut down Tea Party NFP's and Hillary Clinton and Bill can pull the things that they have and no one bats an eye when they don't get prosecuted...Biden squelches the laptop story (Collusion) so he gets elected....I'm sorry, but, paying off a stripper/porn star seems like a story for the National Inquirer, rather than criminal prosecution.
@RC&D..."I hope De Santis does not sign the extradition papers for a legal reason."

I've read so much crap about this story in the last 2 days I can't recall where I read it or what video I may have watched on this, but it basically was saying Desantis has no say or option in signing papers to extradite Trump or not. Could have been one of the talking head attorneys on TV..saying Governor has no authority to stop extradicting. .Sorry, I don't have the cite but I'm sure most of you that do all that research probably know the true legal answer on that. I'll wait for the story to unfold.

I'm hoping the only reason most of the GOP hasn't said much is due to they are not even sure this is going to actually transpire. But who knows. It is def. Bogus BS that we are even having it to discuss.

They need to realize, if any of them have as big a balls as Trump to fight the establishment, they will be treated same way...as will we the american people that are against them, as long as we allow them to get away with it. Already said, politicians on either side are NOT likely going to stop it.

I think it's a distraction from all the other sh!!@@+ going on, and intent is to incite more division, more violence..stirring the pot...I have hard time believing they truly think this will legally stick to preclude Trump from running and allow them victory from voters...gotta be more to it than that...but then again, maybe they are stupid enough to think it won't backfire..

Just my usual 2 cents equaling 0...as of today anyway..

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