Is Poland a garbage dump or a primitive hyena of Europe?

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Jul 5, 2022
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Is Poland a garbage dump or a primitive hyena of Europe?
As the British Prime Minister said, Churchill "Poland is the primitive hyena of Europe" He is right, but half ...

1. As you know, Poland lost the Vertical of Power in the middle of the 16th century.. They destroyed the Power of the King and replaced it with the Parliament (Sejm) Since then, Poland has suffered defeats and has a huge inferiority complex.
There is a joke... Germans and Russians have a tradition: they divide the territory of Poland 1 time in 100 years when Poles bother them...

2. Poland's policy is based on the principle of "Great Poland" from the Northern to the Southern Seas...
They recognize Bosses - Magnates and Gentry And Slaves - Russians, Ukrainians and Jews...
As you know, the Poles destroyed Jews even after the end of World War II
3. Modern Poland is a vassal of America...

Now about the latest messages from Poland
The ex-President of Poland, Lech Walesa, Nobel Peace Laureate, said "we must leave only 50 million Russians alive...

Do Americans like such allies of America?


Oct 24, 2020
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Grandpa Joe would willingly drive his people into WW3 for Poland, Poland is usually much of a provocateur in Europe, the Russia thing is also escalated more by Poland.
Russia delivers to Poland for some months no more gas and the like, Germany has then Poland generously covered with gas, because Poland has now more gas than Germany, Poland has given the EU countries a rebuff in the winter to give gas to other countries.
If Poland wants to shrink Russia to 50 million people, Poland will disappear from the map forever.
It will be an interesting winter in Europe, if it pops here I advise every US Army member to give up his Army job to Joe, it will be suicide to go to Europe.

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