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Jul 23, 2014
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Okay, so I originally wanted to create a thread in the library but I do not have the security clearance to do so.
So I know this are extremely long. However, I spent all day at the library scanning these from my US Army Handbook. This information is for you to copy and paste in a word doc and print if you like.
The handbook is over 200 pages on a word doc. Lots of good reading I promise.

Edit: The length is too long for the system to allow. I have PM'd Clyde on another way to post this. I have tried the upload file option, however it seems to only allow photo files.
If you are comfortable, this is a my email address: (please include who you are on the forums so I know its not a random person)
[email protected]
I can email a attachment of the US Army Survival Handbook to you as well. Hopefully we can find a way to upload my file on the forums, lots of GREAT help in it.
From normal camping to nuclear fallout protection/survival!
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