I Figured Out How to Beat the Gustapo

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Helen Back

God Like
Mar 5, 2014
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The left won't even arrest domestic terrorists who have assaulted the police, burned cities, looted communities, and intimidated people to cooperate with them for at least a year.

I like that a few states are now letting people drive through mobs for their own safety without fear of getting in trouble. Long over due. The latest is Oklahoma.

Oklahoma gov signs bill that provides protections for drivers who hit protesters blocking roadways | TheHill

Let's go further. Since the left is mostly (by far) going after people on right, the right needs to do their civic duty as jurors and find them not guilty. People let into the WH by law enforcement, then charged as "insurrectionists" should be found not guilty. Drive over a mob in the street smashing up your car and trying to get you out? Not guilty. And so on. Spread the word.

Did anyone catch that the guy who assaulted the old Asian woman in NYC had his charges dropped? The left is so outraged over violence against Asians, but only if it's done by white on the right apparently.

Charges Dropped Against Man Who Beat, Spit on 83-Year-Old Korean American Woman (yahoo.com)

This is how you fight the left in the new CW. People on the right are law and order people who will not fight the police when they come for them. THIS is how we can win. We CAN fight back.

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