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Nov 14, 2019
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And the lesson is Dont F*** with the SAS.

ISIS commander killed: SAS sniper takes out five jihadis in explosion from long range shot
FIVE ISIS terrorists were killed by an SAS sniper with one bullet from a range of over half a mile after the marksman detonated an explosive vest on one of the jihadis in Syria

The unnamed sergeant fired at the suicide vest of one of the ISIS members causing an explosion that killed the main target and four others. The sniper used one of the British Army’s most powerful rifles, a Barrett .50 calibre rifle. The weapon is predominantly used against larger targets like aircraft, trucks, and lightly armoured tanks.

The incident took place in November during a joining mission with Kurdish troops against ISIS last year.

The attack happened in November when SAS troops were working with Kurdish fighters.

The blast killed one of the top commanders of the terrorist group and resulted in the sniper being given an award by colleagues, the Daily Star reports.

The SAS unit was trying to find an ISIS brigade responsible for attacks on villages.

The British special forces team had been watching a suspected Isis bomb factory.

The SAS sniper fired as five ISIS men left the building.

A source said: “The plan at that stage was to drop the suicide bomber with the first shot.

"The next step was to then take the leader if they felt they could identify him.

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