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Nov 12, 2012
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So heres this little idea, there may already be a thread on this im not completely sure and this may not be to helpful but just in case heres a little idea. You know those pocket saws? Just that wire with rings on each end and it well......it saws....anyways i really get tired of those rings and some times those just dont do it for me, you have these issues? Well try this. Take a stick (size depends on size of pocket saw) and saw a little into each end. Now bend the stick like your making a tiny bow and put the pocket saw in the grooves you cut. It should look like a bow but with a pocket saw wire. It works as a basic handsaw, i love it, I know that was not at all the best instructions but i'll post a video of it sometime when i get the chance along with a few other tricks i have found. Hope this helps, at least a little bit, the video will clear it up.

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