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Jul 6, 2019
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Raccoon City
We have spent the second half of the summer in our new off grid cabin. Across the meadow is our second daughter's house, also just acquired. Under her house was found 5 pound tubs of MREs and one tub of raw wheat. My daughter Susie brought the wheat to me and asked why. I told her back a few years storing grain was a hot prepper trick but not now. She put the lid back on the wheat and set it aside. Or so she thought.

Little piles of wheat, four grains to 1/4 cup, began appearing though out the house. She complained and I told her it was rodents. She got pissed and told me "no" these were appearing in sealed containers and it places no rodent could possibly have access. Besides, the grain was still in a seal tub. I just continued to ignore the whole thing as just rodent activity and misinterpretation by my daughter.

But then she began saving the little piles for my inspection. The final straw was a pile of four wheat grains in a cup hanging with the open side facing the wall under a cupboard. There was simply no place for a rodent to access that cup. Then my daughter began telling me of night time noises, noises too loud for rodents to make. I asked her, "do you mean this house is haunted?" She said yes.

This house was built in 1940 and has a definite history of strange owners (as have the two houses in the surrounding area). They were all owned at one time by an electrical genius who would patent something then not work for years. He lived in one house, his wife and another, and his girlfriend in what is now my daughter's house. Then, something happened and a man named "George" moved in, living there year round and being snowed in for most of the winter. But George, it seems, never owned the property. He was the secret, illegitimate son of the electrical genius who did not want his wife to know about this. George got thrown out of the community at some point and is probably responsible for the prepping hoard.

Once, during a loud disturbance at night, my daughter began talking to what she believed was the entity. She announced this was her house now and she is living here and they is nothing anyone can do about that. After that "conversation" all wheat piles and noises ceased.

My daughter believes the wheat piles were a message. She thinks the entity, "George" or whoever, wants her to pull out more of these five gallon tubs and go through them. She thinks this entity may be telling her there is something he wants exposed or something of value there.

What do you think?

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