Growing your own SPIRULINA - the food that contains all you need

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Sep 19, 2014
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I was watching an episode of doomday preppers (season 2, episode 6), and this guy was growing his own spirulina in an aquarium. It is apparently a superfood high in protein. It contains all of the essential amino acids. It also contains the omega oils. They said that spirulina is so nutrient rich that if you had to you could live off of just spirulina and water. One aquarium can produce about 5 gram per day, and if it was the only thing you were eating you would need about 20 grams a day per person. If you have other food, you can add this too it and it will make the meal much more nutritious, and the spirulina doesn't taste bad - it apparently doesn't have much of a taste when you grow it yourself.

So my first question is ...
Are there any other foods like this that can sustain your life if it was the only food you had?

I've heard that grass can also sustain human life although not all sources agree on that, so I'm not sure. Does anybody know? Grass is apparently very nutritious. There are supposedly 400 varieties and all of them are edible. You can't digest the fiberous part, but you can chew it up and get the juice from it. Or run it through a juicer. And there are non-electric juicers in case the electricity went out.

But, back to the spirulina. Anybody know how to grow it? I was curious about how you would do that. The Youtube videos on the topic weren't so great. It looks like they're using electric pumps to pump air into the tank, but I would like to know if it can be done somehow without electricity - in case it went out. Is that possible? How easy is this to do?

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