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Jun 18, 2012
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Southern California
Sorry about that you guys it is from home depot, This is a great deal, the wingman alone goes for 29.00 new. You get the style cs for free. I have them both, the wingman is leatherman entry level multitool with a locking blade and scissors, which are on the out side of the tool so you dont have to open them up to use them, thats the good. The bad is the tools on the inside, screwdrivers, box opener, file, can opener, are not locking, I have problems with thr screwdrivers folding. The style cs, killer little EDC or keychain tool, scissors, small blade, nail file/ small flat head and tweezers. Love the style cs, awesome little tool. The wingman like i said entry level but well worth the 29.88. Wish I got this deal !!

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