Frost Mora Companion Knife review

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Sep 25, 2013
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Frost Mora Companion Knife review
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I have had about a dozen of this budget blades over the years including the old orange wooden handle versions with the crappy embossed plastic sheath and they have served me well, One I accidentally put away wet and when I next went for it over 6 months later is was totally rusty but with a bit of wet n dry and a Blade-tech tungsten sharpener the knife was back in service in 20 minutes.
Today’s companions retain the same semi clipped drop point blade of some four inches long, they come in either Carbon steel (my favored type) or Stainless steel
Carbon being only £10 and stainless only £11 each
The blades are about 2.5 to 3 mm thick and are fairly rigid, as supplied they are viciously sharp and take little maintenance except for an occasional swipe with a sharpener and a wipe with an oily cloth.
These are WORKING knives not fancy expensive Rambo or Tactical knives they are meant to be used EDC and discarded when worn out, but I’ve never managed to actually wear one out !!!.
The grip handle is 5 inches long and gently ergonomically contoured to provide a decent grip with only a small choil to stop fingers slipping onto the blade, BUT the black and green molded handle is ultra grippy and rarely slips even when filleting fish or dressing furry critters.
The latest version of the sheath is light years ahead of the original being made of high impact injection molded plastic in an olive green colour, its ingenious belt clip allows it to be slipped over a belt already being worn or fed through in the normal manner, a claw on the inside of the belt hanger stops it from falling back off again during strenuous activity. Oddly enough the belt hanger is also machined with a keyhole slot to allow the knife to be fastened / hung from a screw perhaps in a workshop, vehicle or boathouse?? The sheath also comes equipped with a thumb stud to help draw the blade from the friction lock fit of the sheath.
These are good basic reliable EDC knives that are affordable and ideal for BOBS, Vehicles, Camp kits, workshops or kitchen duty but are not legal in the UK for EDC use.
I got mine from a respected small company called Firesteel but they are available from multiple sources Mora Knives.htm

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