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Food Preservation Process & Materials: A Few Questions

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Jan 15, 2016
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Columbus, Ohio
I wanted to get some insight from those who have experience in storing food. Specifically, what is the best way to preserve food purchased from the store? I really haven't gotten into canning nor do I have the money and supplies right now to get into doing that. I also do not have a dehydrator. Right now my best option is to purchase food from the store or bulk wholesale stores such as Costco and Sam's. I have a few questions about the method by which someone should best preserve these types of items. I have the 5 gallon buckets, I have the oxygen absorbers, and I have a nice cool, constant temperature location for these buckets. I've also heard about using mylar bags. However, what is the best way to use these items? I should note that I do have a FoodSaver vacuum sealing machine.

If an item is already packaged, should the packaging be removed, placed in a mylar bag, and then placed in the bucket? I'm a bit confused as to when to use the mylar bags and when not to. So far I've just been placing as many items in each bucket as I can, adding the appropriate amount of oxygen absorbers, and then sealing the bucket with a lid. I also write the bucket's contents and expiration date on the top of the lid. With such things as large bags of rice, I have opened the bags and poured the contents directly into the (food grade) bucket along with oxygen absorbers. When should the mylar bags come into play? Do they need oxygen aborbers as well and then add more absorbers to the bucket that they go in? Is it better to put canned goods in buckets as well so they don't oxidize or are they ok being left out of the buckets as long as they are in a cool dry place? I could definitely save a lot of bucket space if I didn't have to seal the canned goods as well. However, I look at it as either doing something right or not doing it at all.

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