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What are you doing for food preparations?

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Todd Attoe

New Member
Feb 2, 2018
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Wausaw WI
I am a prepper too. Food is my primary concern. We can Dehydrate and grow on our 1 Acre property. Todd Attoe and his love for gardening and getting into garden tools. I am always looking for some tool to make the job easier and less stressful in your gardening experience. I have been an avid gardener all of my life. For the gardening enthusiast, having quality tools and gardening accessories makes the outdoor experience all that more rewarding. Tools that are manufactured to higher specifications are more reliable and will perform better than the ones of the lesser standard, and with a minimum of maintenance. In addition, the time spent on repairing inexpensive or substandard instruments is all but eliminated, and as a result, the garden receives more quality attention. Unique garden tools brought to you by Hand tools, garden supplies, pots and planters, power tools and composting supplies. This is a really great site plan to learn more. ITSHF I want to be safe and comfortable, no one is going to mess with our sht.

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