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A True Doomsday Prepper
Sep 25, 2013
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Eye & Mouth Protection EDC

Hopefully this will be an informative piece about keeping some sort of eye protection with your

EDC gear it is something I have had to do for years as I am slightly short sighted. More and more

preppers are advocating carrying polarized eye protection be they prescription specs or simply

polarized or coated plain lenses to help protect your eyes when driving, shooting, or bugging out

from an area with smoke, dirt or chemical fumes in the air. One point in which I differ from the

fashion conscious types is I tend to get my specs from Tesco or Vision Express, both do high

quality gear at affordable prices. I always get sprung limbs on my presecription specs, plus antiglare

coatings or fully polarized on driving shooting glasses and often I can get a pair of each for

under £160 (2014). I always keep them in hard cases to prevent damage when not in use. Either

way where ever you choose to get your eyewear from get the best you can afford and ALWAYS

consider getting a spare pair at the same time ( two is one, one is none etc)

Smoke, fumes, dust, corrosive fumes, powdered glass and concrete, human remains, vaporised

fabrics and materials, burning plastic particles, vehicle emissions, dust, pollen, CS gas, shrapnel,

steam from broken pipes, road grit, pepper sprays, bright reflections from large areas of glass in

cities, the list goes on quite a while and the case for EDC carrying decent eye protection for

preppers should make its own case out of simple common sense.

It makes absolute sense for the prepper to EDC a decent pair of protective eye wear be they

prescription or plain. It makes equal sense to carry something to protect your mouth, nose and

lungs from smoke, pollution, irritants, toxins and dust. Remember the images of the masses

fleeing Manhattan after 911?

The sort of considerations you need to make (apart from looking cool) is to ensure you give your

eyes the maximum level of protection within the environment you are operating.

Your eye protection MAY need to be used in conjunction with N95 type disposable dust masks or

bandanas, or even anti-pollution cycling face masks to protect your eyes and lungs from fumes,

smoke, dust etc whilst you escape damaged buildings., tunnels, dust storms etc or even perhaps

accidentally getting mixed up in civil unrest when the police start firing CS and pepper sprays

randomly at the public. Respro anti-pollution cycling masks and N95 rated dust masks are quite

popular among urban preppers.

You may be at a rural OP trying to keep watch for long hours with your eyes under constant

assault from windblown pollen.

You could be trying to navigate safely through a dangerous city zone and the sun reflects off

hundreds of windows dazzling you and making it difficult to detect threats lurking in the shadows.

You may be shooting and the benefits of polarised eyewear for shooters is well proven and

documented, the very same can be said if you are doing a lot of driving as well.

Eye protection especially polarised and tinted eye wear are often essential when using boats as

the reflected glare on a sunny day can be really debilitating.

You could be cycling your way out of a disaster area and the eye wear will keep suicidal insects

out of your eyes and protect your eyes from grit etc thrown up by other vehicles.

Unfortunately in some burgs and boroughs muggers choose to disable their victims in order to rob

them by squirting noxious chemicals and irritants such as pepper into their victim’s eyes, so the

case for quality wrap around eyewear is made for itself for the city visitor and urban prepper.

What to look for in Eye wear.

Frames either wrap around for maximum protection or flexible wire frames for durability.

Spring loaded hinge joints and adjustable nose bridges

Scratch resistant lenses

Anti-glare coatings


Shatterproof or Impact resistant

Specific coating if required for shooting or sailing or driving use.

FFP2 is the equivalent of the US N95 and FFP3 is the equivalent of the US N99



A True Doomsday Prepper
Aug 15, 2013
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I keep safety goggles and a box of 3M masks in the truck, along with a box of surgical gloves. Sounds a bit paranoid, but I also use the surgical gloves if I have to put in auto fluids, etc. and don't want my hands all mucked up. I used to keep them more for first aid needs, until I read about how folks would sometimes sue a guy who tried first aid to save someone, so not likely to do that now. I've been in the right place, right time to save a couple of lives before, and more often, to save or alleviate injury. I don't know why that is, as it is apparently unusual...but eh... Glad to help when I can. I've been the "mysterious unknown stranger" in at least a couple of newspaper articles, LOL.

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