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Experts are "warning" more people may begin brewing coffee at home

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Sep 7, 2013
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Columbus, GA USA
Warning who? Not most places that sell coffee, just high end coffee shops, I guess. I went to one those once...and didn't go back... McDonalds probably won't be affected. Most of us that drink coffee already brew it at home. It doesn't change anything for me except the quality and price of green coffee beans I roast, but that started going downhill in the late spring. I found other suppliers and stocked up.
Anyhow, it gives some good information about the outlook for the coffee situation, which tracks well with what I've found out. To put in a nutshell: Near term, coffee will be more expensive and lower quality (99% of coffee drinkers won't notice the change in quality, just the higher price).

I had a long chat with the buyer at my green coffee bean supplier and she told me about all the factors involved in the "coffee crisis." Part of it is an aftereffect of COVID on migrant workers who still can't travel to the coffee farms, so the growers can't afford to sort the coffee as well as they did before. Part of it is weather. Part of it is fertilizer shortages.
Things should start to recover in spring of 2023.

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