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Eggs and Mineral Oil

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Jul 4, 2017
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Georgia, USA
Was wondering if anybody has tried/done this? Coat eggs in mineral oil and store in cool dark place to make them last up to a year! I know fresh eggs have a coating on them from the mom, but if cleaned it is no longer effective. But, you can cover them in mineral oil to basically preserve them. I first saw this done by my Aunts and Uncles when I was growing up but didn't now why they were dong it(or forgot why) then it was on the old Doomsday Prepper show. What I was mostly wondering, would this work on eggs you buy at Kroger and such? Internet has conflicting answers and was wondering if anybody here, or anybody known, that has tried it? If it wasn't for all the feral cats around here, I would get some chickens and not worry about it! LOL Guess I could buy a dozen and experiment myself! I just my try that and let you know, in 6-8 months!