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Easy high yield fruit and veg

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user 7691

Mar 8, 2023
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Hi all. I'm looking for suggestions for unusual fruit and vegetables I may not have considered previously that are very easy to grow, nutritious and have a high yield, such as;
Jerusalem artichokes, pepino, prickly pear, bullrushes, cape gooseberry, Peruvian apple cactus. I'm Looking mainly for things that will grow themselves that aren't common, such as ethnic plants that westerners aren't so familiar with and aren't in the shops. I'm in a temperate region. I do grow all the usual stuff as well but I'm sure there must be some more plants I haven't heard of. I love that pepinos give fruit in winter when there's not much else around, and also plants that need little care.
BTW, I'm in Australia and last season I grew southern Georgia collards for the first time and they are fantastic, one of my favourite vegetables that I will be growing twice a year for the rest of my life :) So good with bacon.
I'll be growing sesame seed next summer to make tahini. I want access to the ethnic foods I enjoy when the shops no longer operate.
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