Does anyone else see an economic crash coming?

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Don't worry, our authorities (and only our authorities) see this dirty bank as a systemic concern, they would shove billions more up the management of this bank's ###?
Why? Because our authorities are entwined with this bank, a kind of mutual corruption and various people from the government have money in this bank or sit on the board of directors there.

If our authorities had to increase taxes by 25% to save this filthy bank, the authorities would do so without scruples, this bank is worth more to you than the people.
Doc: Look closer at the bag, it has a hole in it.
I don't think they ever had any tricks in it.
Ukraine is also like a hole in the bag, yet Europe and USA shovel money and weapons into this bag, our governments value weapons, Banks and foreign wars more than their own people and future.
Gold is going through the roof
Hang that criminal
I watched part of the video above . What preppers are witnessing is the prepper prophesies being fulfilled . The unbelievers are going into denial and some turning their anger toward those that truly believed and prepared for the fulfillment of the prepper prophesies .
GG doesn't want to know anything he thinks he can't do anything about.
Then he is not fully preparing himself in my opinion. This is just the start of a finacial collapse in our country to bring in the new, what was it called, FedUS maybe? that is being implemented in Chicago, at least at this time, in July 2023.
That is what Klaus Schwab intends for us, and French President Macron is now fully implementing it.

France is burning in many places at the moment, reports are almost non-existent and even though my country is a neighbor of France, our media is NOT writing about it.
This is the new democracy in Europe, if you have questions there is a baton, Corona was just the exercise that follows, Macron proved it by announcing a democratic vote and implementing his proposal directly.
If the police in France fire sharply and there are dead people, then everything will get out of hand there, the government has currently banned demonstrations, the next step will probably be a state of emergency or some kind of martial law.
--- I know some people prefer to deny things will not get any worse than an inconvenience and they will still be able to purchase fuel and drive to a doctor's office or hospital and receive medical care , still be able to purchase food with their devalued currency or pay rent and utility bills . Well these folks clinging desperately to that notion should not watch the video above . -- Either someone has already purchased and set up a self-sufficient survival retreat or they have not . Anything short of such preparations , I will not comment on the expected outcome .
I suppose our members will not be surprised to see the stock markets opening and " closing " at unusual times this week in an attempt to stop catastrophe . Biden and friends appear to have collapsed the markets due to incompetency . This is one of many scenarios that preppers have been preparing for .
I posted it for GG, but dont know he will see it here. Most of us saw this coming and have prepared for it.

edit to give him a shoutout.
Unfortunately, there are those of us who wish we were prepared for it but are unable.

I find peace in the fact that I've worked my tail off my entire life so I know that it's not for lack of trying and that whatever good things I do have are blessings. I wish we wouldn't have had to have blown through $50,000 in savings for treatment, but it is what it is.

... Although I do find it a little unfair that in the whole "healthy, wealthy, and wise" thing I got NONE of those things! 😆

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