Do you carry? If so, how?

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Kevin L

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Feb 2, 2017
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Boynton beach, Florida
Carrying concealed (I carry all the time) can be difficult and awkward until you find out what works for you through a little trial and error.

There are velcro belly bands that work well for a lot of women who have to work in business attire.

There is also Thunderware, which works well with female athletic clothing.

If you have an open mind, there are actually websites that cater to female law enforcement professionals, and there are many suggestions that may apply to your situation and life style.

Try to avoid getting ideas from websites that involve male sexual fantasies about the gorgeous femme fatale private investigator, spy, and so on who carries her gun in a small holster attached to her garter belt and fishnet hose under a tiny miniskirt...and so on. You get the idea.

Carrying a gun in such a manner may keep you from running when you need to, and a surprising (or, perhaps, not so surprising) number of men initiate a sexual assault by grabbing a woman's intimate areas, and this discloses the presence of the gun to your assailant and puts you behind the reaction curve.

The small of your back may seem a good place to stash a gun, but you can end up with a horrible (and permanent) spinal injury--including partial paralysis and nerve damage--if you get knocked down by an assailant.

If you're concerned about the gun being taken away and used against you, consider a Magna lock fitting.

You can have a Smith and Wesson revolver fitted with a device that only allows it to fire if the user is wearing a special magnetic ring. If your assailant gets the gun away from you, it becomes a paperweight. provides this service.

This device is great if you have small kids, since it adds another layer of safety to your (hopefully) prudent gun habits.

If you carry in a hot, humid environment, a polymer and/or stainless gun may work best because of sweat and moisture, but almost any gun can be Cerakoted or nickle-plated to keep corrosion and rust at a minimum.

Consider that some expensive clothes (especially silk, cashmere, and satin) may be ruined and/or permenantly stained by gun oils, solvents, and carbon residue (from shooting), so consider this when choosing a carry method and clothing combination.

I hope I was helpful.

Good luck, and stay safe.
Mar 21, 2019
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United States
Wiredog, I'll have to check them out...if they fit snug that would be good...

In that back of my mind, I'd really like a purse/bag/item to wear attached to a belt. I don't carry a "PURSE" but I have a bag that I attach to my belt when I ride my motorcycle.Its great for my wallet, cellphone and other small misc...I'd like something like that. I may end up having to make something to fit my needs.

I'm still working on the permission side of bringing my gun into work...the one building doesn't have any posted signs so I might be good (just can't enter thru the bank part). So, now it is just if policy allows.
what you care is also important. for my concealed i went to carter arms as they specialize in guns and accessories by women for woman. I love their revolver. when at the range i use many different types, but my GTFOM gun is a lightweight gun by them as it is lighter for me to carry and i can use it easier if i needed to stop someone. im not a small woman and i love my AR, 12 gauge and some others i have. Again this gun is just to protect your life, be comfortable with it, make sure its easy to use. I prefer the revolver as it will never jam on me. i can shot, if it misfires it moves on to the next round and my life is still saved. this is just an opinion.


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Jul 20, 2018
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Go with what you will actually practice with and will carry everyday. Anything else is just a pretty paperweight sitting at home. I conceal carry from the moment I get up, to the moment I go to bed, even at home.


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Jun 20, 2020
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When I'm just out and about I carry a full P320 in an appendix holster. I usually wear mom jeans which mean the waist is higher and more comfortable when sitting. I can draw comfortably sitting out standing without looking.

If I reeeeaaaly have to hide my gun I carry a LCR. it's not great but it's small.

Check the laws in your area. My old boss was a lawyer and said enforcing no-guns-in-parkinglot sign/rules is basically impossible.

When I get to work I just take the holstered gun off, and put it in the glove box. Then I just tuck it back in when I get to my car at the end of the day

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